Diego Ocampo workshops in NYC

Saturday December 4th
3pm » Find comfort through Tango technique (open level)

Sunday December 5th
5:30pm » Tango turns and walking (interm. level)

1 workshop $40
2 workshops $70

@ Dardo Galletto Studios
151West 46 Street 11th floor
New York, NY

info and registration:

about Diego Ocampo:

Diego is a graduate of the school of Dramatic Art in Buenos Aires, and
he also studied ballet and contemporary dance in several schools in
Buenos Aires and in Europe. While learning tango, he studied with
Antonio todaro, Guichandu, Raul bravo, Juan C. Copes, Osvaldo Zotto
and many others great milongueros “tete” Rusconi et “flaco” Dany. He
has been a dancer in shows directed by the aclaimed Carlos Gavito, Juan Carlos Copes and Raul Bravo, to name a few.
Diego has acquired extensive theatrical and teaching experience in
many countries , including Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Lituania,
Bulgaria, Belgium and the United States. From 1997 to 1999, Diego
lived in New York City, where he developed his own choreographic lab
and created many solos and duets incorporating different forms of
movement. He also instructed at the Academy of Dance of Philadelphia
and the center of studies of Broadway, In 2000 Diego was invited by
the French Federation of the Dance of Paris, Cia Meme Banjo and La
raffinerie Cia Frdederic Flamand, Cia As Palavras, Cia Catastrophe in
Belgium to developed a program for profesional dancers about Argentine
Tango and contemporary influences.
When teaching, Diego creates a laboratory of movement, keeping the
base of traditional tango, but using variations in the mythic Tango
Embrace that reveal a new approach to tango in all it’s forms. Diego
believes that tango is not only a dance, but is also a form of musical
and dramatic expression.

» Contact me:

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