“Tango Todo Terreno”

Tango Dance – Tango Music – Tango Poetry – Tango Movement – Tango Food – Tango Drinks – Tango Art – Tango Culture – Tango Mindfulness…

Mariana Fresno & Gerardo Sorkin cordially invite you to:                              

                                               “Tango Todo Terreno” 

                                      August 7th, 2016  – 11:30am to 3pm-

                                                 New Haven, Connecticut

What is it? A space to have fun while exploring creatively and collectively the different dimensions of Tango. Hosts and guests are the actors and directors of a “here-and-now” idiosyncratic experience.

Who: Open to tango lovers and adventurers. -Family, friends, neighbors guests are welcome, non tango experience necessary. 

Due to limited space, RSVP and confirmation is required. Please add your names to the reservation.


11:30   Arrival and introductions

12:00 to 2:30   Program

2:45   Closing Ritual

For more info and registration contact me by email at: marianafresno@yahoo.com.ar


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